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The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Professional Association known as LASPA is a union with over 1200 sworn L.A. County Deputy Sheriff’s who wish to help the children of families who live at or below the poverty threshold. 

An estimated 350,000 children, ages 18 and younger in Los Angeles County do not have health insurance. Up to 85% of academically and behaviorally at risk children have vision problems that are either undetected or untreated. Children from poor urban areas, many of whom are members of ethnic minority groups, experience more than twice the normal rate of vision problems. Without the proper vision skills, these children will be at risk of losing interest in the classroom, on the athletic field, and dropping out. Thus starts the vicious cycle of gang recruitment, drugs, crime, and the criminal justice system. Unfortunately in many instances, this type of lifestyle leads to premature death. Tragically, this cycle repeats when they have children of their own. 

LASPA wants to slow this cycle and through its Cares For Kids sponsorship drive, our Deputies have partnered with local charitable vision organizations, such as Angels For Sight and Vision to Learn. We also work in conjunction with the participation of local school districts throughout Los Angeles County. Our drive provides comprehensive free eye exams and brand new prescription eyeglasses to underprivileged or at-risk children. 

In addition, due to the economic climate, many families are facing financial hardship. The LASPA Board of Directors and staff members have recognized this, and through our “Adopt a Family” program provides meals and toys for those qualifying families who struggle through the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday season. 

Your support can be earmarked either for a specific program or for our general fund. Please contact our Campaign Coordinators Office at (562) 608-8473 for more information, or you can make your check payable to LASPA and mail it to: 

P.O. BOX 1010

LASPA hopes you find merit with what we are trying to do in your community. If so, please try to assist us in our Cares For Kids drive with a level of sponsorship most comfortable in your budget this year. 

We thank you for your kind consideration and wish you much success in business.